If the beloved (S.A.W) were among us....

لو كان بيننا الحبيب لدنا القاصي والقريب من طيبة قبل المغيب طالباً قرب الحبيب
بقربه النفس تطيب وتدعوا الله فيجيب أنوار طه لا تغيب بلغنا لقاه يا مجيب
فدتك روحي يا حبيب محمد مكرم الغريب بقربك الروح تطيب يا رحمة للعالمين

If the beloved (s.a.w.) were among us
Those from far & near will come to him (s.a.w.)
Hoping to see the sun of goodness before it sets
Desiring to be near to Him (s.a.w.)

In this company the soul feels great
On that moment If it prays to Allah, Allah will surely answer
The light of Taha (s.a.w.) will not cease to exist

Oh Ya who answers prayer please fulfill our hope to meet him (s.a.w.)
I am willing to sacrifice my life for you
Oh beloved (s.a.w.)
Muhammad s.a.w. honor of strangers
In your company the soul feels great
Oh mercy to all the worlds (s.a.w)

p/s : sekadar berkongsi...

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